1. So this crazy thing happened this weekend acutally snowed. for real..not just a dusting.. real big lots of snow. First time i ever seen that much snow in my whole life. 
    Mama took me out in the car..she wanted snow pics around town.  we visited the cows..and they were having so much fun in the fields ..running …jumping..just playing!!! so mama found a field so i coudl run and roll and jump for the first time ever in the snow. it was sooooo mcuh fun. sooooo cold but soooo much fun.
    then we drove up this big hill and found  more snow..we found a trail in the woods. no one was was quiet..except for loud bangs every now and then. mama thought it was guns..but someone told her it was just tree branches breaking off (i think she felt better after that) We walked and played untill i got covered in snowballs…that wasnt very much fun. so we headed home and had a bath..melted those snow balls right off.

    i love the snow. mama says in a few years we’re going to move to a place called newfoundland (we live in victoria right now) and they get lots of snow. so we gotta learn to love it.

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